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Why use TVC Supplies

TVC Supplies have been offering a one stop solution for Procurement Management Services since 2003. Our managed procurement solutions deliver our clients tangible and on-going savings from their third party spend. We aim to be your one stop supplier for all inbound purchasing needs from the smallest items such as janitorial products through to major capital expenditure items such as machinery.

We have positioned ourselves in such a way that we can offer both excellent turnaround times and incredible buying power. We find what you want when you need it!

We recognised an increasing gap as companies rationalise their supply chain. In the case of larger companies, moving towards a more streamlined list of preferred suppliers to reduced administration costs and introduce visibility and control over spend, also created a void in their buying capabilities. We are ideally place to cater for all of your “one off” purchases, the items that cannot be sourced from your current preferred supplier list. In response to this growing need we developed a suite of services designed to take the pain away from the transactional aspect of procurement.

A Complete Procurement Management Service

For us a Complete Procurement Management Service starts with strategy and governance by developing strong stakeholder and supplier relationships we are able to design and execute efficient procurement and sourcing strategies in line with clients’ objectives.

We support these strategies with flexibility, identifying quickly the client’s requirements and areas for improvement such as stock reduction, comprehensive range of suppliers and more favourable payment terms. Our management team are then ideally positioned to deal with vendor on-boarding and all requisition fulfilment.

As part of this service we are also able to offer

  • Spend analysis reports
  • Supplier Analysis reports
  • Contractor analysis

Another major advantage of this service is dealing with low value or tail end spends. For the majority of organisations this can represent up to 80% of all third party spend. Dealing with these types of one off purchase is both time-consuming and often difficult to fulfil from preferred supplier list which is generally geared towards volume spend.

Imprest Stock / Stores Management and Out Sourced Staffing Solutions

One service that many of our larger customers benefit from is our Imprest Stock / Stores Management service. We adopt just in time delivery principals whilst guaranteeing order fulfilment / continuity of supply, cost savings and improved cashflow by ensuring our clients do not have dead money tied up in large amounts of expensive stock. We can back this service by offering you a staff in-plant. A member of our staff that becomes an integral part of your team and works with you to improve systems, ensure stock and order fulfilment is handled quickly and efficiently, our eyes and ears on the ground looking after your best interests at the heart of your operation.

The TVC Supplies Ethos

We are focused on quality and service, offering a one-stop solution delivering savings and efficiency while freeing up your time to concentrate on core activities. TVC Supplies with our friendly, dedicated team have managed to achieve this by continually nurturing relationships directly with major manufacturers’ to ensure we are able to guarantee cost savings to our clients. We operate on a national basis on accounts of any size from customers whose spend is in the thousands per annum to multimillion pound accounts.

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